1960 Kustom Cadillac


1960 Cadillac 2 Door Hard Top Photo Gallery
Owner: Chris Sabatino,"DOC SAB" / Studio City CA  


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I had designed it in my head for a year, and had already picked the colors and materials out that I wanted to use for this project...I wanted a super custom that looked classy..elegant..and created viscously passionate emotions when viewed. The car was a super low mileage original that had no rust and was basically complete. I didn't care what the car looked like , because It was going to be dramatically changed. I knew I had the eye for the details.  My goal was to demonstrate a clean line and give the car a "finished" effect. I wanted the car to be loved by Cadillac Enthusiasts, Led Sledders, Daddyo's, and Custom Car aficionados.

The result has been far more overwhelming than I could have ever imagined.


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I have restored over 150 Cadillac's ranging from 1956 -1970. The most award winning auto I have ever done was my 1959 red Eldorado Biarritz Convertible, It was used by G.M. for all it's Cadillac ads for 1999..in the "DRIVE THE DREAM" ad campaign. I also sold a car to Oakley Sunglasses that was given as a present to Dennis Rodman.

That was a red 1959 Convertible Cadillac Deville. Yet, nothing has created such a stir as this auto. It absolutely gets people to stand there in awe and just stare.


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