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1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible Asking Price: Sold
Owner: Michael Charelian  West Toluca Lake, CA  





"Simply put - it's not a Cadillac. That's people's first impression when they see those tree-trimming tailfins.  I Love Plymouths, 1960 Plymouths to be exact.  There's not too many of them around.


How did I find this car ? Actually, this car found me.  I'm a veteran of the classic car nights at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, and one Friday night I had my sky blue 1960 Plymouth Belvedere there.  Maybe you've seen it.  Anyway, I had a "For Sale" sign on it with the description of the car and the question "when is the last time you've seen on of these ?" 



Well, someone HAD seen one, he took my card and called me the next day to tell me about it.  he said it was a 1960 Plymouth convertible parked up on Mulholland Drive.  I arranged to see it that weekend. As luck would have it , I was showing the Belvedere at a car show in Beverly Hills that weekend.  At the show a woman walked up to me and told me that her 80 year old father had a car exactly like mine, except that it was a convertible.  I asked if she lived off of Mulholland drive.  BINGO ! I asked her some questions about it, she gave all the right answers and knew I was on to something. 



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