Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Trike For Sale

Last Up Date 08/11/2011


1973 Roth Trike American Beetle Asking Price:  Sorry Sold
Owner: Frank Wolf / Lancaster CA This is not the kind of beetle you'd hit with a fly swatter. This beautiful trike will leave any passerby in awe."



The Body and frame of this Trike was built by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth in 1973.


It has had several engines since then. She started with a 1300 and currently adorns a 1835 Kit with less than 4,000 miles on her.

She has some slight body wear but other than that a real solid machine....

The only reason Wolf is sellin' the thing is he has too many projects and not enough room for them all this one is priced ta sell .......


Some Additional Information about..... This trike has an Ed "Big Daddy" Roth built fiberglass body and frame. It is a
beautiful metallic candy apple red. There are many billet aluminum polished accessories like the custom mirrors,
cable holders, etc. All the metal parts you see have been hand polished by Mr. Wolf as has the beautiful aluminum floorboard. The engine is a strong running 1835cc VW engine (built by Brooks) that has low miles on it. Fueled by two Dellorto 40mm Carbs this baby burns up the highway without burning your wallet. The "Springer" front fork is custom machined from solid steel stock and sports a Invader spoke wheel. The "Springer" front end does need to be chromed and polished as Mr. Wolf has not had the chance to get that done yet. The rear wheels are mounted on alloy rims and are 50 series tires for maximum traction. Dual rear disk brakes for maximum stopping power! This baby screams down the highway easily topping 100 mph if you are that crazy. Best of all - NO SMOG requirements!! In California (I don't know about other states) you don't need a motorcycle license to drive this trike though the trike is registered as a motorcycle.

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Complete with Beer Tap Dip Stick

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Kustom Cigarette Lighter


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