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1964 2 Door Cadillac Coupe De Ville Owner: Nicco The Dragon / North Hollywood CA


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Nicco the Dragon (1998 NHB Champion) first found this 1964 Cadillac in a trade classified.  The thing that attracted Nicco is that this was a chopped Cad, which is pretty much unheard of. Nicco called the owner and made the decision to take a flight to Modesto California where the car was sitting.  Nicco with money in hand met with the owner at the airport.  After a three hour drive there she sat with no front windshield and no interior painted pink with lime green pin striping.  Nicco somewhat reluctant asked the owner if he was being honest about the car running because Nicco had planned on driving her back to North Hollywood California.  The owner lifted his shirt and showed Nicco a giant Tattoo on his chest that said Honest while saying " I'm the most honest person that you will ever come by and when I told you that I built this car to tour the world that's what I meant,  she's got a balanced 429 that's ready to rock". So Nicco gave the owner his cash took a crate to use as a driver seat and made his bone chilling trek home. (remember the car had no windshield)


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