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Let me introduce you to Flyin' Ryan; he's only 13 years old and really into racin' his Jr. Dragster. 

Well sir he contacted me awhile ago and sent me this here letter via e-mail.

"Hi my name is Ryan Boniferro. I am thirteen years old and I drive a 1993 LJ
chassis junior dragster. Right now my only sponsor is Joes Transmission. 

Some of my accomplishments are 1997 Toronto Motorsports Park winner, 1999 Toronto Motorsports; Park runner-up,  2000 Skylon Tower car show class winner, 2001 Skylon Tower car show runner-up.

For the 2003 season I am hoping to step up more with sponsors. With more
Sponsorship money I can put it towards a new car or new motor for the 2003 season. That is why I am sending this letter to Rat Fink. So please answer my wish

Ryan Boniferro


Well I answered Ryan and I told'em if'in we wuz out ta get'em some sponsors that he'd have ta get good grades and that he'd have'ta werk some side jobs on his own ta make sure that he'd reach his goal. 

I ended up talkin' to his pop Joe Boniferro and this is whot I  found out.

Ryan's hobbies are sports and slot cars. Ryan's pop is a P.R. and marketing guy and is helping him build a Jr dragster web site. Ryan is gonna maintain the dragster his'self and every Saturday he works at his dads garage.

Ryan's pop has a  friend  goes slot car racing with Ryan and is going to give him a job casting resin pieces ( blowers and hood scoops) for slot cars.  pretty kewl gig if'in ya ask me.

Ryan's other sponsor (Joes Transmission) insisted that I have good grades. So as I understand he has been working harder than ever and its been paying off.


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