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Hey Gang so Ophelia was a clients car that was posted on our website at aeclassic.com.  There was this dude that was going to come buy and look at her and well basically he flaked out and boy are we glad, cuz we ended up falling in love with her and purchased the car ourselves. We immediately came up with a name for her and call her "Ophelia".  We purchased Ophelia in July of 1999 and have been working on her as time and money allows. 

Ophelia is a 1959 Ford Country Sedan Long Roof. She serves daily as a delivery wagon for aeclassic.com and ratfink.org. She was built in Santa Fe Springs California, we are her third owner and we plan on keeping her. She originally had a 352 with a Ford O Matic 3 speed transmission. 

You can find Moldy and Ophelia at Cruise Ins and Car Shows with her back fully stocked with "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink Products and Memorabilia for sale which supports aeclassic.com and ratfink.org, internet e-zines dedicated to Kustom Kulture and classic cars. She to this day is still being updated and you'll see some of her changes as we go here to include her engine swap.

This is how she looked when we first got her and what we have done so far.


003.jpg (27970 bytes) leftpoint.gif (1212 bytes) "Ophelia"

First I didn't have time ta screw with tryin' ta get her running decently on my own so instead of screwin' things up I took her to McCarthy Performance and had her valves and rocker arms replaced along with a good tune up.  We found out that the engine was in really pretty good shape at the time. We also found out that the engine was built sometime between 1961 and 1963 so it was not the original, we figure that her first owner had it replaced at sometime. later on I took her over to Bob Riley and got new Distributor and had her Carb Reworked.


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Then I took her over to Morse Muffler and had Duel pipes with Glass Packs put on her. Later I purchased some triple tip lake pips for her from Mooneyes only to find out that two out of the three ports were dummies, so I took those over to Tim at Morse and had him cut'em out and make'em active then adapt'em to the exhaust system. 


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