32 Day at The Petersen 2002

Just a few pictures from the days event...

This day along with this page is dedicated to Gray Baskerville 

This Page Last Up-dated 03/02/02

There were sure a bunch of beautiful cars on display but pretty much all them 32's look the same especially the new built roadsters...

So I'm puttin' up pictures of what I thought was interesting.

Click On The Images For A Closer Look

delbw.jpg (45421 bytes)

Delivery B&W

delcolor.jpg (126795 bytes)

Same Delivery in color

Skull Shifter

normskull.jpg (24086 bytes)

 By Norm Grabowski

This here roadster is great !moomjbw.jpg (51691 bytes)

 She hasn't been touched since the day it was put together.

She just recently Sold

 moomj01.jpg (54327 bytes)

To the Current Owner of somewhere around 125K.. Unbelievable

What makes this car so freakin' special

moomjbw1.jpg (59927 bytes)

Check out this 16 valve supercharged flattie...

sedan.jpg (67689 bytes) ta.jpg (23610 bytes)

Who's this ?

What does a Triumph Bonneville Have to do with 32's ...

tribon.jpg (168376 bytes)

 Absolutely nothing just thought it wuz a nice piece of werk.

trcolor.jpg (57730 bytes)

Speakin' of Triumph's Check this one out... the purple and green 32 behind it is Robert Willams old Aces and Eights transformed into the Prickly Heat...

tryvw.jpg (56136 bytes)

Another picture of that Beautiful Triumph

trimotor.jpg (43291 bytes)

check out this engine...

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