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3-D Eyewear


HD*VR™ ChromaDepth ™


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HD*VR 3-D Multimedia Eyewear™ - The HD*VR 3-D Multimedia™ series of lighting and viewing effects incorporates the use of polyester binary thin film optic (Chromadepth ™) lenses   worn as eyewear (paper or plastic). The binary lenses used combine refraction and diffraction that make thin optics act like thick glass prisms. The HD*VR™only requires one image to create three dimensional effects however if three dimensional objects are treated correctly we can take those images into the next dimension. We do this by choice of color.


This page along with the picture below can be viewed with our HD*VR™ ChromaDepth ™ Viewers for a 3-D experience.

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We digitally enhanced the background of the picture above to accommodate our 3-D Glasses.   If you are interested in having your favorite photo digitally enhanced for 3-D,  Please let us know.


1) Disclaimer Notice- HD*VR™ 3-D Viewers are only for use with ZC&R Blacklite™ and other forms of lighting effects and HD*VR™ multimedia presentations and 3-D artwork and are not intended for extended wear, performing physical activity, driving or operating machinery. Do not look into the sun with glasses.


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3-D Fireworks™ Glasses - Lazer Shades


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3-D Fireworks™ Glasses - Lazer Shades - Slap our amazing 3-D Fireworks™ Glasses on your customer's face. Watch out! you'll quickly learn what we mean when we say "Enormous, eye popping excitement everywhere" as the multi-starbursts of three dimensional rainbows race at you. 3-D Fireworks™ Glasses have specially treated lenses that enhance all fireworks shows, laser displays and holiday light shows. More than 20 million people have viewed fireworks with this eye-opening specialty. Countless dollars have been raised by local charities selling our amazing glasses at city sponsored events and festivals. Variety of frame colors available including hot neon colors, patriotic flag design and four color wave with bursting fireworks. also available with coupons at no extra charge.

3-D Fireworks Glasses are not intended for extended wear, performing physical activity, driving or operating machinery. Do not look into the sun with glasses.

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3-D Ad-Shades™ Paper Sunglasses


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3-D Ad-Shades™ Paper Sunglasses - Ad-Shades™ customized paper sunglasses place your logo, message or coupon directly in the public's eye. Ad-Shade™ are manufactured in the USA using non-toxic durable paper with vinyl lenses that block up to 96% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Ad-Shades™ are a powerful market tool for grand openings, product introductions, radio and TV stations, direct mail and sporting events. Coupon redemption will soar using Ad-Shades™ with our detachable coupons. Ad-Shades™ will deliver increased product awareness, immediate impact and lasting advertising impressions. Also available are our special eclipse viewing glasses.


HD Custom Shape Paper Sunglasses™ - Make your sales soar for parties and summer promotions with our signature Custom Shape Paper Sunglasses. With two custom imprintable temples they're sure to make an advertising impact. A variety of frame styles, unlimited lens colors, full color printing and intricate die cutting capabilities make it easy to create your own paper sunglasses. Imagine your company logo or slogan die cut above the glasses frame printed in your corporate colors. You design the glasses and we'll build them. Give us a call or fax us your design and we'll be glad to give you an estimate.

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Types of Glasses We Offer Lenses (Filter) Application
HD*VRTM 3-D ViewersPaper or Plastic Laser embossed thinfilm separate RGB(1) Chromadepth lens,(1) clear Live multimedia, lighting,film, video, computerprograms, four color print, TV
HD FireworksTM Glasses Clear film diffraction-breaks up light 3-D fireworks, laser,educational
HD 3-D Polarized Viewers Light gray oppposing 450 Multimedia, slide shows, movies, simulators
HD 3-D Anaglyphic Glasses Red/Blue or Red/Green Print, movies, games,computer programs
HD Decoder Glasses Double red or any doublecolor Hidden images or words
HD Ad-ShadesTM Glasses Paper (coupon) Sunglasses Advertisement
HD 3-D Pulfrich Viewers One dark one clear lens TV and video
HD HolospexTM Glasses Embossed logo Advertisement/images



Please Call or E-Mail Us For Pricing and Artwork Requirements (800) 880-6567  Thank You


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