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For Sale!

The Rockabilly Boogy

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This is the Rockabilly Boogy and is currently For Sale!

The thing that is really kewl about this car is it was lettered and numbered by no other than Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

Ed lettered the car at a meet in Bonneville many years ago and the car has been active ever since.

Here is a foto of Ed takin' money for the job back in the 80's from the last owner. You can find this foto on page 91 from Confessions of a Rat Fink.  



Bean Bandit members Fabian and Adam have been running the car consistently at El Mirage for the past few years, they are also members of the Milers and Immortals.

Just this last year they got the car to do over 200 at Bonneville

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The car has gone through several minor changes throughout the years however Ed's Lettering has never been messed with. And all of the original panels come with the vehicle.

The car is still actively registered with the S.C.T.A. and comes with its log book and S.C.T.A. papers if the new owner ever wants to race her. 

The other thing that is really kewl about this ride is that it is also street Leagle and is currently registered in the State of California.

The only thing that the car does not come with is the Engine and Transmission. The new owner will have to take care of that!

This car is so popular that Electra Bicycle is currently selling a Streamride Cruiser line in its name sake!












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