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BuSonic Today


So check it out Gang The BuSonic was originally built by Roy Abendros' in 1963 the body work was done by Schmitt and the paint was done by Watson. This baby is a for real deal lead sled she started as a 1955 Buick hard Top.


These specs taken from October 1963 Popular Hot Rodding

It took 3 years to put this Buick Century together, they started in 1959 and it only cost'em 8g's.  Metal man John Schott did up the up the design.  the Stock fenders were removed at the rear and replaced with "57 Lincolns, they scooped out the front and reformed at the rear to take triple, height mounted exhaust.  




The Engine is completely Chromed. 



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Last up-date 10/14/00


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