The Eagle Rockin' Rodders and Custom Car Club exists for the purpose of enhancing the appreciation and enjoyment of collecting vintage "tin". It hopes to assist hobbyists in networking to trade information and parts, share skills and form friendships.

It is also a goal of the club to provide activities for individuals and families in which we all can take pride in our achievements, get to know one another better and contribute to a sense of community here in Eagle Rock.

Responsibilities of membership includes attendance at "cruise-ins" (not to miss more than three consecutive ‘cruise-ins’), participation at club sponsored community evens and safe and sober conduct at all functions. Because we depend on the goodwill of our neighbors to provide meeting areas, we cannot stress strongly enough that alcohol and drugs are prohibited as is any rowdy driving.


Club dues are $5.00 a month which will help defray the costs of preparing the newsletter and mailings.

If you feel that Eagle Rockin' Rodders is an organization that meets your needs and shares your values, we’d very much like to welcome you.

If your interested in joining our club please fill  and sign the application form below. After you fill out our application print it out and mail it to.

Eagle Rockin' Rodders

P.O. Box 41-1145, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Request For Membership Form

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1 Your Name......

2 Name Of Sponsor... 
3 Address......... 
4 City.............. 
5 State............ 6 Postal Zip...... 
7 Telephone......    
8 Facsimile....... 
9 E-mail......... 

Tell Us About Your Car

1 Make.

2 Model.

3 Year.  4 Vehicle Licens #.
5 Engin Type/ Year. 
6 Transmission.
7 Rear End.  8 Brakes. 
9 Steering Gear.  10 Front End. 

11 Wheels/Tire Size.... Front Rear

12 How Long Have You Owned Your Car ?,

What Kind Of Condition Was It In When You Bought It, etc.

Do You Perfer # 1:

Do You Do Your Own Work # 2:

What Type Of Work Do You Do ? Please Check All That Apply:

Body & Fender Engine/Transmission Rear End Front End

Brakes Electrical Starter Generator Steering Gear


Do You Arc Or Gas Weld ?. .

1 What Work Would You Like To Learn To Do Youreself ? 

2 What Work Would You Prefer To Pay Others To Do?

3 What Work Would You Like Help On ?

4 What Cars Have You Owned In The Past ?

5 Why Do You Want To Join This Car Club ?

6 Do You Have Any Experience With Or Are Able To Assist With The Following?:

DMV Registeration  Smog Certification For Older Vehicles 

Private Or Company Sponsors For The Car Club

Signature_____________________ Date__________________

Sponsor's Signature___________________________________


After you fill out our application print it out and mail it to:

Eagle Rockin' Rodders

P.O. Box 41-1145, Los Angeles, CA 90041

If You Have Any Questions You Can Call

Jeffrey at (818) 755-0822




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