Just recently I had the opportunity to go over to Mike's house and take some pictures of his Motor Cycle collection.  Ya see there was this here production company doin' a PBS special on Mike he was just inducted into the AMA's hall of fame I think the show is called Motor Week it's on channel 57 or sumpthin' on Saturday evenings.  Anyway like I said I had this here opportunity to go and take some great shots of his collection. 

01lineupc.jpg (78732 bytes) Most of the time if ya go over to his place ya can only look at the bikes in his museum all stacked up like but this time we brought the bikes out into his yard so the production company could get a good gander at these wonderful works of art. 

So as we moved'em around I put my camera ta work.   

Mike has personally restored all of these here machines himself.  All I can say is Unbelievable.......

Note: click on the thumbnail images to get a closer look


  There wasn't a dull moment.  Mike kept everyone's attention with all of the historical information and stories of old. 

  Mike tellin' it like it is or should I say like it  was.


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