BY-LAWS of The Mutilators Motor Association World Wide

Established 08/20/00

1. Name

The name of the organization, hereinafter shall be called The Mutilators Motor Association World Wide.


1 a. Rules

There are No Rules to say but we do have the following By-laws......

2. Objective

The objective of the association shall be to promote and foster automotive and cycling interests including and not limited to the education and the historical value of hot rodding and cycling it's roots and kulture which include the art and music that is associated to it.

The association will be a neutral organization and gathering of other clubs and independent enthusiasts world wide.

Members are asked but not forced to participate in association activities both on the World Wide Web and with their local chapters. These activities include on line tech chats, local and international car shows and assisting members with their restoration, repair, and/or modification interests and needs if at all possible.

3. Membership

An active member of the association should attempt to sponsor other prospective member.

Prospective members should have a valid  driver’s license in the state or country to which they live, and should abide by their local auto insurance laws. and need to provide the executive committee the following information by Fax or e-mail.

Name, Address, Telephone Number, e-mail & Web Address, occupation information, and a brief description of their vehicle. 

Prospective members should have a restored or preferably a modified vehicle, a vehicle of special interest, a project car or motorcycle or an interest in such vehicles with the goal of attaining a car or motorcycle, or  learning about restoration, modification, hot-rodding, cycling or activities of the association.

Prospective member must attend one meeting of the association and also one of the associations functions, either on line or with their local chapter before admittance may be addressed.

If a prospective member does not meet association requirements or attain a majority vote, that person may reapply.

At This Time There are no membership fees, A voluntary collection may taken at local chapter meetings if agreed upon. If a local chapter deem it necessary to charge membership fees and or dues they must submit their request to the executive committee in writing via Fax or e-mail for approval.

4. Membership Duties

Membership dues: None AT THIS TIME 

A voluntary collection may taken at local chapter meetings if agreed upon. See Above

5. Expulsion

Members will be expelled from the association by a majority vote at a association meeting upon any one of the following grounds:

Misconduct or intemperance at association meetings or events.

b. Members will be automatically expelled for the following:

Conviction of a felony while representing the association.

Sale or handling of illegal of stolen merchandise.


a. If a member leaves the association in good standing, he may rejoin by the same procedure as a prospective new member.

b. Members who leave the association for reasons of military service shall be reinstated without any penalty of payment of additional fees.

c. Expelled member may not rejoin the association unless the expulsion was solely for failing to  perform association membership duties. In that instance, the expelled member may be readmitted following the same procedures and subject to all charges to which a new member would be subject and must be voted upon at the first meeting which the expelled member attends after re-admission.

7. Insurance

Members should have a valid  driver’s license in the state or country to which they live, and should abide by their local auto insurance laws. 

The association as a hole is not liable for any single members insurance.

8. Sponsors should:

Attest to prospective member character and reliability.

Ensure member meets qualification to join the association.

Introduce prospective member to associate members at monthly meeting.

Notify prospective member of results of election.



An honorary member is anyone the association deems worthy to hold such position:

The Executive Committee will discuss and vote on their ruling.

Honorary members are eligible for all association functions.

They may purchase all Mutilator swag.

There are no fees or dues.


The association shall have the following officers:

Executive committee U.S.A.


Vice President



All Chapters both domestic and foreign will have the same.


Vice President



Officers shall hold office for one calendar year. All officers shall be elected officers nominated and voted for by the entire association membership or chapter.

Nominations and election of new officers shall be held at the association chapter during the month of October. New officers shall take office at the first Association meeting of the New Year.

Officers may be removed from office by majority vote one month after recall discussion at a normally held association chapter meeting.

The executive committee U.S.A. can not be responsible for any independent chapters conduct or responsibilities. 

11. Meetings

Association meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. Via a Virtual Chat in the association chat room. Local chapters can schedule their  meetings for their convenience. If a meeting must be rescheduled for any reason such as the meeting falling on a holiday, the Secretary will notify members of any change of normal time or place of a meeting. Via verbal or via e-mail

Executive committee meeting will be held quarterly before the club meeting, or as needed or requested by an officer of the association or a majority of membership.

The executive committee may authorize specific committees to handle certain club functions. If there are not sufficient volunteers for a needed committee, the officers may appoint members to serve.

The association will have a quarterly treasurer’s report. At year-end, the past treasurer and the incoming treasurer along with two officers will audit financial business.

The association will have a quarterly secretary’s report.


The association shall hold a international summer festival to be incorporated with the annual Rat Fink Party held in Southern California and co-sponsored by Automated Entertainment. 

All chapters are encouraged to sponsor their own event if at all possible once a year. This event should be a fundraising activity to benefit a local charity chosen in the community that the chapter is located. Overhead and Fundraising can be accomplished by seeking corporate sponsorships, raffles, auctions and entry fees.

Local chapters are also encouraged to try and organize local cruise ins and other functions.

The association shall vote at each meeting for local car shows and events that the Club will attend as a group.


An amendment may be approved only by a 2/3-majority vote at a association meeting following the proposal.


All by-laws of the association enacted previous to the enactment of the present by-laws are hereby superseded and revoked.

Boy sure seems like a lot of stuff for not having any rules don't it..


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Executive Committee U.S.A. Information

Mutilators Motor Association World Wide

P.O. Box 1079 Little Rock, CA 93543

(800) 880-6567 or ( 661 ) 944-2299

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