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"The BuSonic" 

Owner Jim "Spoony" Breazeale Co-founder of The Mutilators



Owner "Moldy Marvin Webmister Co-founder of The Mutilators


Moldy's 1930 Ford Farm Coupe "Grapes-O-Roth"

Moldy's New Toy "El Lay Mae"

Moldy's New project

"Project Biscayne" 

CJ's Hacker; North Dakota Chapter

Bengt Mikaelsson; Sweden Chapter 

Rev J: UK Chapter


Daily News 2k5 

       John Huston's Flame Throwing Desoto (Pictured Above)


Zoltan's Bike

zoltonbike.gif (69759 bytes) 

Mitch's Trike

mitch01.gif (52405 bytes) 

Ian Roussel's Inventions

bug.gif (38127 bytes) ianvan.gif (59999 bytes)

David Tanner

skip00.jpg (24230 bytes)

Skip Peterson's Ride 

Los Angeles Ca

Mike O'brien's Mothers Worry


Moldy and Spoony's Wagons At Paso 2001



Will Hoover Long Beach Ca,


Fritz's Roswell Rod project

002a.jpg (37685 bytes)

Chuck Kaparich's Thunderpig


Race? RoadSavage in his 54 and Moldy 

Tim Ebens


John Robertson

Becca's Hearse


We want to welcome Morgan From SLC we will get Some Pictures of his ride soon. the same goes for Bob Bond Out of Ontario Canada, Bart Cornwell Trinley Park Ill, Steve Hermes Cincinnati OH, and Tom Daly from Lake Carmel NY. Blane Duval, Ryan Barton,Steve Carson from MN, Todd Ebens & Dallas Hammond ND MN, Joe Peterman WA, Jack Jackson El-Lay, Chuck Kaparich from MT, Bengt from Sweden, And Harley and Nole from the UK. there's a bunch of others too but you all know who you are...


Mark Moriarity Collection

merc285.jpg (25762 bytes)

Mark Moriarity's Merc

Ed Roth's Globe Hopper

Mark Moriarity's Futurian

Designed and Built By Mark Moriarity 

roadagent.jpg (12254 bytes)

Ed Roth's Road Agent


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