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This here is the official Mutilators Plaque. Members Only !!!

Brother "Spoony" Breazeale is tha one who designed our Logo and Moldy's havin 'em  made up.  The're goin' fer $ 23.95 raw like tha one pictured at tha left.  US priority Mail is included.  

Note: Ya might have'ta wait a week' r two ta get'em cuz were only havin' 10 of'em made at a time.

You guyz kin paint'em anyway ya want.  When yer done ya kin put'em on yer ride and e-mail us a picture ta post on our website.


  Off'a Moldy's T&A El Lay Mae

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(800) 880-6567 or ( 661 ) 944-2299  

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